Hale Aloha 

First things first, you’re going to need a frame. This one came from Frame It Easy (pictured is the Ashford in Satin Yellow), and it shipped to Honolulu in less than a week. If you set the artwork dimensions at 35 x 35 inches, the foamcore backing will be just right.

Once you’ve got your frame, steam or gently iron out any wrinkles from your scarf.

To mount the scarf, we used this double-sided tape from City Mill, but any kine should do. Cut it into narrow strips, and stick it along all four sides of the foam. With the tape set, lay the scarf down one side at time (top, then bottom, then left side, then right).

The most difficult part is making each edge as smooth and even as possible, so we’d recommend an extra pair of hands. You’ll be able to stretch the fabric a bit, taking it right to the edges of the foam to create a taut surface all the way across. We tried our best not to create lumps or warp the print too much, but to be honest, we did this after a few New Year's Day (observed) cocktails, and it shows.

Once the scarf is set to your liking, slip the foam core in the frame, tighten up the corners, and boom! New year, new you. Hau'oli makahiki hou :)