Daeja Fallas is a photographer who grew up on Oʻahu, studied in Paris, worked in New York, and now lives on Maui.  She visited us at our Kaimuki studio a few months back with a bunch of fresh flowers and spent the afternoon firing away on her Mamiya 645. 

“This was a way for me to show what comes from me in the quieter moments. Flowers are a theme in my personal work. I think I’m constantly drawn to them because they are similar to humans in a way. Each one is completely different from the next, they are here momentarily, and specifically for me, flowers bring a sense of intimacy and softness in the otherwise cold setting of a studio.”

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Model is Liko Aiwohi, wearing styles from our AW18 collection. Featuring the Noa Mamaki Aloha Shirt, Volcano Bomber and Volcano Trench Coat. 

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